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How we prepared a hyper-growth RIA for the next echelon.

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James Conole built his practice into a sizable firm with multiple team members. Their brand still conveyed the image of a one-person practice, creating misalignment as clients were onboarded and assigned to new advisors.

The team also has ambitions to grow their AUM into the billions and help thousands of people accomplish their goals. To help make this a reality, they needed a brand and marketing funnel fit for this level of scale.

Since beginning our relationship with Root, AUM has skyrocketed by $350m in 20 months.

“Working with Objective Brand has allowed us to take Root's presence to a place I didn't know it could go.

I knew a strong brand was the missing piece to go from where we were to where we wanted to be, but until we started working with Objective Brand I hadn't been able to find anyone that could help us bridge that gap.

Their understanding of financial services along with their mastery of brand is a huge asset to those that work with them."

James Conole
Founder, Root Financial

Automating acquisition.

To help keep Root's funnel full with new interest, we created a lead magnet and follow-up email drip sequence to nurture those leads and convert them to call requests.

Without lifting a finger, the Root team can:

Attract leads via paid ads and website CTAs > Nurture them with an automated email drip > and let prospects self-qualify and schedule on the appropriate calendar based on their criteria.

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