Building the fastest-growing advisor tech company of all time from the ground up.

Altruist is an investing and money management platform for financial advisors and their clients.

As the first team member at Altruist, Objective Brand's founder, John Scianna, constructed their brand and helped architect a marketing funnel that created an enormous waitlist. This eventually helped Altruist secure hundreds of millions in venture capital.

The challenge was to create an identity and messaging system that appealed to business and consumer audiences when constructing the strategy. It was also vital to fit squarely between tech and financial services—finding a balance between trust and stability, and modern and disruptive.

Here's a short look at what John and his talented team accomplished during his tenure.

Supercharging our business user acquisition funnel.

The core brand aimed to appeal to consumers—ultimately, an advisor's client won't adopt Altruist if they don't feel comfortable with the platform.

But none of that matters without a solid user base of financial advisors using Altruist. To connect with the ideal customer, we created relevant lead magnets, a publication content network including a popular podcast, drip campaigns, and in-person event sponsorships. This helped us create a thriving community of potential users.

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